Alexis DeJarlais

Architect in Training

Alexis joined the Bechtle Architects team shortly after completing her Masters of Architecture at Montana State University’s School of Architecture in December 2019. The daughter of a carpenter, Alexis has always been fascinated by the way people relate to structure – how they build lives in an interactive way with their homes – and is excited to be a part of that process through architecture.

Originally from Anoka, Minnesota, Alexis traded lake life for mountains when she moved to Bozeman to pursue her education and never looked back. Whether skiing and snowboarding in the winter or hiking and backpacking in the summer, Alexis loves all Montana has to offer and is an outdoor enthusiast at heart. Thankfully, her coonhound Louie – a happy accomplice – is the chillest adventure dog that ever lived. Alexis is also a talented chef and avid volunteer, often marrying the two and sharing that love of food with those less fortunate throughout the Gallatin Valley.

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