Aaron Dornsmith


Idaho native Aaron Dornsmith earned a Masters of Architecture from the University of Idaho in 2009. After graduation, he moved to Seattle and spent 10 years working on residential, multi-family, landscape, and interior integrated projects for small and mid-sized firms. He specializes in providing uniquely inspired solutions for the range of imaginative projects.

Aaron is fascinated with the interaction between people and spaces, particularly in nature. How far will people travel to know the hidden recesses of the Rocky Mountains, a quaint Italian villa, or a centuries-old Japanese temple? Exploring humans’ innate need to connect to the beauty of the world, Aaron’s architectural work seeks to cultivate that feeling, share it with the community, and elevate people’s well-being: It’s the articulation of nature merged with the ordering and structure of human thought.  

In his free time, Aaron seeks to find expressions of truth and beauty through photography, going for a walk in nature, or with a warm cup of tea and a good book.

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