Chris Berryhill

CDT Intern

Born in southern California and raised on California’s central coast, Chris spent most his free time surfing, skateboarding and creating art when he was not helping his dad on construction projects. After 25 years in construction ranging from custom cabinetry and high-end homes to commercial work at the Apple Computer campus, he went back to school in 2006 for a drafting degree. Upon completing his degree, Chris began work for an architecture firm in Alaska, where he remained for eight years. Alaska provided unique design and construction challenges: logistics of materials and labor to remote sites was always a project consideration, as was carefully designing and detailing.

Upon relocating with his wife to Bozeman, Chris embraced his construction, design documentation and artistic experience to live design and construction in daily life. When he is not at work, he is continually entrenched in artistic endeavors, from home renovation to furniture design and construction, laser cut works to ice and snow sculpting.

Whether personally or professionally, Chris strives to learn something new and expand his knowledge of art and architecture every day.

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