Don Beebe

Senior Architectural Production

Born and raised in Chicago, Don Beebe was surrounded and influenced by the artistic mind of his mother, as well as the artists that decorated the city. He had an innate ability to draw.  Growing up, his creative nature was nurtured through drawing, making jewelry, learning to cook and exploring photography.

While finishing his English degree at the University of New Mexico, Don was introduced to the Charles Ross Star Axis project. The catalyst for his transition into architecture, the project taught him to include the surreal, sublime and celestial realms into his approach to design. Don capitalized on what New Mexico had to offer by assisting with building Earthship, adobe, and straw bale homes. All these unique experiences, including the wisdom of some influential people he befriended along the way, reinforced the significance of architecture and the impact designers have on the world.   

When he’s not hard at work, he’s hard at play with his family and friends. Don loves to ski, ice skate, cook, camp, hike, and practice yoga. He’s passionate about life and always seeking new adventures, while adapting and adjusting to changing times and trends.

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