Walter Banziger

Senior Architect, A.I.A., LEED AP

After an initial foray into architecture in the late-1980s as an intern architect practicing for a small firm in upstate New York, Walter transitioned to facilities administration at Syracuse University (SU). He worked for 11 years managing numerous multi-million dollar SU projects and participating in campus master planning, while simultaneously completing his MBA at the Whitman School of Management at SU. In 2003, Walter moved to Montana State University where he filled a variety of roles, first as University Architect, then University Planner, and, eventually, as the first Director of Campus Planning, Design and Construction. After creating and running the department for 12 years, Walter decided to return to the private sector to explore new challenges and opportunities with Bechtle Architects.

Walter augments the Bechtle team with over 25 years experience and significant expertise in institutional planning and design; capital project planning; innovative instructional and educational concepts; historical and adaptive reuse projects; sustainability initiatives; project management; and resource allocation. Walter is highly knowledgeable in federal, state and local regulations; legislative and administrative processes and procedures; contract administration; and institutional organizational structures. Whether strategizing planning concepts to advance and improve facilities or implementing innovative business practices, Walter cultivates a collaborative culture and a people-centered approach to architectural design and application. With over two decades of experience as an ”owner,” Walter not only emphasizes aesthetic, innovative, and efficient approaches to planning and design, but also understands and promotes long- term maintenance and practicality in his solutions.

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