Greg Dorsey

Architectural Production

As a child, Maryland native Greg Dorsey was equally at home sketching with pens and pencils as he was playing in the rolling woods of northern Maryland. During his high school years, this connection with creativity transitioned into a love of music and the guitar, and eventually a Bachelor of Music degree. After many years of providing private guitar instruction, Greg recognized a deep attraction toward architecture, design, and the Rocky Mountains. Unable to stave off this magnetic pull, he ultimately acquired a Master of Architecture degree and relocated to Bozeman.  

Greg believes that admirable architecture provides pragmatic solutions coupled with thoughtful and meaningful creative expression. Concepts like rhythm, balance, harmony, and emphasis coexist between the music and design worlds and, consequently, Greg aspires to explore that unique lens throughout the design process.

In his free time, Greg enjoys mountain biking, hiking, SUPing, Nordic/Alpine skiing, fat biking, snowshoeing, and good conversation over a quality beverage.

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