Architectural / Interior Design

Architects paint with color and texture, creating mood and establishing character. Bechtle Architects’ approach to residential design employs various key factors and guidelines to fashion homes that are as inspired as they are utilitarian.

– The site should integrate the structure and the landscaping; the house should become an extension of the site. Outdoor rooms effortlessly bring the outside in, while terraces and overhangs marry a structure with its surrounding landscape, particularly when they mirror topographical features and character.

– Entrances should be scaled to the public or private nature of their use, guiding visitors intuitively to the main entrance without the use of signs.

– Materials appropriate to their natural weight scale should be sensibly applied and combined to allow for a hierarchy of one material over the other.

– Windows should establish environmental (not spatial) separation and create rhythm with the light, sculpting and enhancing the interior mood.

– The interior and exterior should reflect a common theme and every element in the design should echo that cohesive concept.

– Human scale should be considered in the sizing of the rooms and the heights of the ceilings to create intimate and comfortable spaces, while emphasizing grand views and encouraging gathering.

– Design simplicity is paramount; minimal detail should be necessary to create the owner’s desired effect.


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