Commercial - Resort

Resort design is about creating a place and a feeling. Bechtle Architects designs structures and spaces that reflect how people relate to their environment and surroundings. We create courtyards and alcoves for large gatherings and intimate conversations, directing intuitive movement from one area to another. We encourage people to play and connect socially. We provide opportunities to observe and be observed. We establish comfortable, walkable and personable exterior rooms edged by unique buildings housing equally welcoming interiors.

Recent Project

Summit Hotel Interior Remodel

Commercial Projects

Tips Up

Bridger Bowl Patrol Expansion

LML Building 4

Saddle Peak Lodge

Wilson Hotel


Plaza Lofts

Whitefish Mountain Lodge and Skier Services

Roxy’s Market

Village Center One

TNG Tower (Lot B)

Marketplace At Big Sky

Lot E

Building 32

LML Lot 2-3

Choppers Grub & Pub

Andiamo Italian Grille

Crystal Mountain

Big Sky Ski Resort

Big Sky Town Center