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In his book, A Pattern Language, Christopher Alexander describes how to make a street or downtown area feel active and vibrant; to create concentrations of people around public spaces or squares, encouraging connectivity and congregation; and to cohesively and conscientiously create inviting commercial, residential and natural spaces. In realizing the basic elements of shelter and security, Bechtle examines the psychology of people, place and space. “Responsible design isn’t just about creating one individual’s personal mecca, it requires insight into how each individual fits into the larger community, how that community is part of a place, which, in turn, reflects a regional identity, and so on.” In this manner, design is not only customized to the individual, but also the societal patterns of a place and its people.

Effective planning creates opportunities for people to come in contact with one another, to develop community, and to remember why they live where they live. That refined sensitivity to people and place – and the critical connection between the two – defines Bechtle Architects’ work, securing it as a premier designer of what will surely become the blueprint for a bright future under the big sky.

Recent Project

MSU Department of Agriculture Expansion Plan

Planning Projects

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport Plaza

Saddle Peak Lodge

Flanders Mill

Gallatin Mental Health Center

Crystal Mountain

Big Sky Ski Resort

Big Sky Town Center