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Attractive exteriors and comfortable interiors invite guests to relax, drink and be merry. At Bechtle Architects, we take a compartmentalizing approach to restaurants. Smaller entryways allow for organic movement into other areas as they fill. This layout feels busy and active – not hollow and vacant – even when there aren’t many customers.

An intuitive design element in the waiting reception area also attracts and informs. A shiny motorcycle is placed front and center at Choppers – a feature element at the bar – and motorcycle parts are cast into the concrete sidewalk. Andiamo’s design aesthetic reflects its darkly intimate, Old Italian identity. A design theme can be of particular import for a restaurant client, as it forces introspection and true personalization of a unique, memorable brand.

Finally, restaurants and bars aren’t merely about a patron’s private dining experience, but often the social dynamic of seeing and being seen; this, too, becomes an important consideration in successful design.

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