Joe Stoffers


Joe Stoffers has loved Montana’s mountains ever since he first set eyes on them as a teenage transplant from New Jersey over 20 years ago. Following stints in California and then Colorado, Stoffers returned to Bozeman in 2019 with his wife Jenna to be closer to family and to raise their children.

Joe obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Montana State University in Bozeman and has worked on a range of projects spanning residential, education, healthcare and mixed-use sectors. Stoffers believes that architecture is a reflection of human behavior on the environment: a living, breathing art. Exceptional architecture takes into account light, texture, form and function in equal measure to choreograph and capture space. As Stoffers asserts, how those spaces interact with and support the people residing and working therein is as important as any other consideration in architecture. 

In his free time – which is decidedly lacking with four children under six – Joe enjoys alpine skiing, traveling the world, reading anything he can get his hands on, exploring cooking techniques (and their results) and savoring wines from his ever-evolving collection. 

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