Nicole Boteilho

Architectural Intern

Nicole Boteilho has always been an artist, learning to draw even before she mastered her first letters. After studying architecture while completing her Bachelor of Arts, she realized an unexpected new passion for designing spaces that could positively impact the wellbeing of their occupants. She continued to work in venues ranging from museums to studios. Happily immersed in art, Nicole curated exhibits, taught courses, built and created. But she found the draw toward architecture and the psychology of space an undeniable one.

Nicole just completed her fourth year at MSU’s School of Architecture and will begin her graduate studies in the fall of 2020. She looks forward to integrating her artist abilities with her developing architectural skills to create insightful designs that cultivate wellness, in whatever forms possible, and bring the artistic elements that have been so formative for her to the communities she engages. 

When she’s not nose deep in her studies, Nicole can be found laughing and loving life with her friends, traveling, sketching and reading. An avid athlete, she also enjoys yoga, swimming, trail running and relishing all the great Montana outdoors has to offer.

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