Scott Bechtle

Principal Architect, A.I.A., LEED AP

Scott Bechtle knew he wanted to be an architect when he was a mere 12-year-old, standing in awe of his father’s friend who deftly sketched out a beautiful building with a few strokes of a pencil. Scott went to the construction site and connected the artist sketch to the space it created in the construction. He knew then he wanted to translate people’s ideas into architecture as his career. After years being an owner in a large architecture and engineering firm, Scott started a boutique firm focused on design and planning. Utilizing partners for specialized expertise rivaling larger firms, the firm focuses on providing the customized design and hands-on experience while translating the Owner’s vision into a built reality.

Bechtle Architects, does just that. It’s about defining space, not making monuments. It’s about creating unique project designs reflective of their environs and users. It’s about the art of how people experience space. It’s about maximizing client input and integrating site planning, architecture and interior design to create better project outcomes. It’s about the people and how they interact with their environment. And, perhaps most importantly, Bechtle Architects is about respecting and engaging the environment through healthy and sustainable design to improve quality of life for all.

“I love taking our clients ideas that are inanimate, non-tactile, just ideas, and then seeing them built, and experience them. It’s the art of bringing non-material concepts into a material world where they will always be a symbol of those ideas and people involved in its creation. Walking through a completed development or building with a client for the first time, witnessing them seeing that it’s their vision; why would anyone want to do anything else?”

With more than 26 years in the design and construction industry, Scott has unparalleled experience coordinating diverse groups to create memorable spaces. He attended high school in Bozeman and obtained his Bachelors and Masters of Architecture from Montana State University in 1991 and 2004, respectively. Scott makes his home in Montana where he enjoys experiencing the outdoor sports and recreation, and pursues his passion for photography.

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